Our Solutions

JeLY developed a revolutionary cloud-based car buying solution for consumers, dealers, manufacturers, state agencies, and insurers. JeLY leverages the benefits of distributed ledger technology to establish secure transactions and processes, so all participants in our ecosystem can connect and finalize a sale in a secure environment and in real-time.

Features and Benefits

Save Administrative Costs

Replace a manual, inefficient process and reduce your administrative costs

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate unnecessary errors and delays caused by the current car buying process, by integrating all the vendors and interested parties into a secure, intuitive interface

Save Time

Complete the entire car buying process in as little as an hour

Confidential Process

Ensure security and privacy throughout the entire car buying process with JeLY's incorruptible digital ledger

The JeLY Widget seamlessly integrates into a dealer’s website, maintaining the dealer-branded experience, creating an interface that enables deal customization of payments for new and used cars including:

  • Apply for credit
  • Trade-in valuations
  • Cash, lease or finance quotes
  • Service and protection plans selection

All quotes include tax and state fee calculations for all 50 States:

  • A car buyer can upload their driver’s license and insurance card, allowing a fully-completed transaction that can be sent through the JeLY Portal or saved for later
  • Unlike the competition, the JeLY Widget can give buyers a true penny perfect quote while searching for the car of their dreams

The JeLY Portal allows dealers to respond to all activity from the JeLY Widget. It is a powerful CRM that gives sales representatives the ability to:

  • Respond to client inquiries
  • Negotiate and calculate buy/lease offers
  • Process trade-in info
  • Integrate with dealer inventory for on-demand car selection
  • Receive credit application submissions in real-time without the need to look up rates and residuals and enter them manually
  • Query for out of state taxes and fees without the need to access costly third party software
  • Verify customer driver’s licenses with their State’s DMV and complete credit the application for final approval

JeLY Forms provides dealers with a digital library of required State-specific forms, as well as Dealers and Bank custom forms:

  • Each stakeholder will have access to information that only pertains to them
  • Sensitive customer information is never shared outside of the ecosystem
  • Forms will populate with the required information to complete the transaction
  • JeLY Forms uses proprietary technology that enhances customer privacy and data protection by avoiding the use of third party API’s and safely storing documents for on-demand retrieval by each stakeholder
  •  After the driver’s license verification, the final step of the two-factor authentication occurs through a proprietary facial recognition process. This occurs within the JeLY Forms application without the need to use the third-party software, thus protecting the user data
  • The verification process is made simple by using the buyer’s webcam on any device to match the already verified driver’s license prior to final acceptance and execution of the purchase

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